Associations etc

 Neo Idola

(The English Literary Association)

The Association conducts competitions for students. 

It provides a platform for students to exhibit their talents.

It expands the students'  vocabulary, communication skill, memory power and creativity through competitions.

Bio Vision


To provide a platform to enrich the knowledge of the budding  bio-technologists and biologists.


  •  To organize talent show and  to motivate students.

  •  To organize intercollegiate level competitions indifferent areas in modern biology.

  •  To organize guest lectures by experts from premier institutions.


  • Talent show conducted every year in the first week of college opening for I UG.
  • Three guest lectures conducted  per semester by eminent resource persons.
  • Organize a seminar/symposium/workshop every year.

Quiz Forum


  • To enrich the general knowledge of the students so as to equip them for attending competitive exams.


            To develop general awareness, general knowledge and other aptitude skills among the students.


  •      Conducting interdepartmental quiz contests.

  •      Organizing intercollegiate quiz contests.

  •      Encouraging students to participate in quiz contests conducted by other colleges.

     Tutorial System

  • Tutorial system is in vague in the college from the academic year 2001-02.
  • Tutorial meetings and counsel meetings are conducted for all the students every month.
  • Instructions regarding discipline, dress codes, examinations, rules and regulations to be followed by students are given in the tutorial sessions.
  • Counsel tutors are staff members of the respective departments.
  • Counsel tutors conduct counsel meetings

Study Circle


  •  To mould the minds of the students and to make their lives meaningful by inculcating ethics, culture and human values.


  •   To promote a value-based education, holistic development and human  excellence and empower the students for employability.


  • Students write exams for Certificate and Diploma Courses conducted by Madurai Kamaraj University.
  • Students appear for exams on
  • 1. culture conducted by Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari.
  • 2. Examinations on Gandhian Thought conducted by Gandhi Study Centre, Chennai and The Valliammal Institution and 
  •  3. Madurai Thirukkural Test conducted by Thirukkural Peravai, Madurai.

  •  Study Circle Meetings are conducted on secular themes.
Ethical Committee


  •     To promote health and to abolish cruelty to laboratory animals.


  •    To streamline the use of laboratory animals for research purposes.

  •    To create awareness on alternate experimental systems such as cell lines.


  •    To clear research proposals involving laboratory animals during odd semester.

  •    Guest lecture to encourage breeding  of laboratory animals.

Value Added Courses 

  •          Value added courses  provide an opportunity to the students to choose an additional course of their own choice.


  •           To equip the students to meet the requirements of the challenges in competitive contexts.


  •            To gain extra knowledge beyond the regular curricula.

  •            To attain general knowledge on other areas of education.

  •            To empower the students for job opportunities.
  •             VAC courses offer Certificate and Diploma courses in collaboration with ICWAI.
  •             Computer-related Tally, Animation and  Designing are also taught.

                                             Parent & Teacher Association


        To strengthen the bond between the teachers and the parents.

        To promote the smooth functioning of the college.

        To support the students in their placement.


           Parent-Teacher Meetings are conducted at intervals in each academic year. 

          General meetings and Department level meetings are organized.

          Each Department  maintains contact with parents of the students.

         Academic progress of students is reviewed .

         Valuable suggestions of parents are sought through feedback.

         Parent -Teacher meetings are conducted separately in boys' and girls'  hostels.

        The parents of erring students are invited by the Discipline Committee for counselling their            children.

         The college management invites parents to important functions such as the

         College day,  the Sports day, the Convocation day and so on.

Alumini Association


To strengthen the  interaction and share views among the classmates, the teachers and other members of the college.

To conduct  competitions so as to improve the soft skills of the students.

To provide financial assistance to economically weak students.

To donate books to the Department libraries.

To help fellow students get suitable jobs.

Human Resource Development Cell

Objectives :

  •  To improve the presentation skill of students.

  •  To develop communication skill.

  •  To develop personality of the students.

  •  To develop inter - relationship

  •  To develop creativity.

  •  To make the students self - discipline.


  •  Ad-Zap

  •  Group Discussion

  •  Conducting Business Game

  •  Time Management

  •  Anger Management

  •  Finance Management

  •  Best Manager Programme

  •  Conversation

  •  Mock Interviews

Curriculum Development Cell


  •   To provide new initiatives in the curricular aspects of the institution.


  •   To frame guidelines to design courses to be offered under Value Added Courses (VAC).

  •   To identify areas for introducing new courses.

  •   To enrich the faculty members on the concept of curriculum designing and implementation.


  •   Scrutinizing and approving VAC certificate courses for implementation.
  •   Introducing new courses and sending feedback to the university.


                                         Commuter Cell

Commuter Cell was started in the academic year 2008-2009.

This cell takes care of the student commuters to the college by different modes of travel.

                                 Career Guidance Cell


  • To guide outgoing students to choose their careers.


  • To conduct model competitive examinations for various group service exams.

  • To conduct mock interviews by experts.


  • Conducting seminars and workshops.

  • Conducting coaching classes for student aspirants for UPSC Group I services.

                                             Gender Cell

Gender Cell was inaugurated  in the year  2007. 


To create awareness on gender equality.

To train women to make their own choices.


Counseling Programme

Talk Show

Yoga Classes

Embroidery Classes for girls

Music Class

Self-Defense Classes

Dance Class ( Bharata Natya )

                                 Public Relation Cell


 To facilitate Institution - Public interaction.


  To take the information about the college to the seekers. 

  To  propagate news about  the college to the public. 

  To highlight institutional service to the society.

                                 Citizen Consumer Cell

      Citizen Consumer Cell was started in 2008-2009.


  • Educating the consumers and developing their critical awareness on consumerism.


  • To educate the students on the rights and responsibilities of the consumer as provided in the Consumers Protection Act, 1986 and other Indian laws.

  • To instil the confidence in the youth to question violations of consumer rights and to fight for justice.

  • To impart knowledge on real life situations and to enable them to develop skills to handle consumer issues.


  • Arranging  seminars and guest lectures for creating awareness on the consumerism.

  • Celebrating days of national and international importance on consumers.

  • To conduct field visits to local markets / consumer courts and door to door campaigns.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell


To create young entrepreneurs and to promote small and medium business enterprises.


  To disseminate updated entrepreneurship information through seminars,workshops and guest       lectures. 

  To give impetus to students to become entrepreneurs.

  Providing required support to the young graduates to become dynamic entrepreneurs.


  Arranging seminars and guest lecture for creating awareness on entrepreneurship.

  Organizing self-employment courses.

                                SC/ST Development Cell


To improve the condition of SC/ST students.


  • To conduct awareness programmes on reservation to SC/ST students.
  • Helping the eligible SC/ST students to get special scholarships.
  • To provide coaching facilities for SC/ST students appearing for competitive exams and professional courses.


Arranging The Tamil Nadu Government  Chief Minister Education scholarship for meritorious SC/ST students.

Holistic Development Cell


  • To shape students to meet competitions in real lives.


  •  Organizing seminars and workshops.
  •  Conducting internship training programmes for students through tie-ups with reputed organizations. 

  •   Guiding students to appear for campus interviews.


  • Conducting tests on General Intelligence, Numerical Ability, General  English and  General   Knowledge.

  •   Conducting Group Discussions.

Eco Club

Kaliswari Eco Club registered with World Wide Fund for Nature - India (WWF) 




  • To create awareness on pollution control and environmental care among the youth and the public of Sivakasi.
  • Logo for Kaliswari Eco club was designed with the motto “ Save Environment, Save our Life”.


  •  Maintaining the college ecology.
  •  Keeping the campus green and clean.
  •  Creating awareness in this regard among the students.


  • World Environmental Day Celebration.

  • Training Programmes for women, school children, college students and women on Eco friendly techniques.

  •  Pamphlets on  Pollution hazards and environmental protection to be prepared and circulated.

  • Awareness programme on pollution free city  among the public.

  • To conduct seminars on wild life protection.

  • Dealing with problems of natural resource management in rural areas.

  • Dealing with problems of pollution and urban environment.

  • Student involvement in lectures, presentations, field trips and  discussion.

  • Creating awareness on aforestation and wild life protection.

   Junior Jaycees Club

        Junior Jaycees wing of Sri Kaliswari College was inaugurated in the acadamic year  2001-2002 with the view to provide personality development programmes to the students and for preparing them for the task of nation building. 

        Competitions and workshops are conducted for the welfare of the students. 

            1. Junior Jaycees Orientation Programme

            2. Jaycees Carnival Competition.

            3. Face the Future.

Rotaract Club


  • To create a socially responsible student community.


  •   To encourage the students to participate in the external activities.

  •   To create cordial relationship with the public.

  •   To improve the leadership quality.


  •   Distributing national flags to the public on Independence days and Republic days.

  •   Conducting camps for the students.

Humor Club

Vision & Mission

  •   To destress and increase  happiness.

  •    Induce the creativity of the students.

  •   To live happily.


  •   To provide chances to the humorous students to exhibit their talents.

  •   To create awareness on the importance of humour for human beings.

  •   To remove the stage fear among the students.

  •   To promote the audience to live with happiness.

Fine Arts Club


  •    To exhibit the innate talents of students.


  •   Conducting competitions for students in the college.



  •    Conducting competitions every month.