Bio Tech Lab

 Biotechnology Lab 

There are five spacious laboratories for biotechnology – Plant tissue culture, Instrumentation, Animal tissue culture, Bio-chemistry and Bioinformatics. The labs are equipped with state-of-the art facilities which include microbial culture maintenance facility, bio-safety laminar flow, slit-fermenter and walk-in cold room. The following are the advanced lab equipment constantly in use.

  •   Ultra freezers.
  •   PCR.
  •   ELSIA readers.
  •   Gel-documentation system.
  •   Lyopholizer.
  •   Refrigerated microfuge.

  •   Nikon 50i epi fluorecent unit with dark field phase contrast fluorescents and            phase contrast microscope 10 computer with.
  •   internet fecility.
  •   incublator.
  •   Four fire extinguishers.
  •   Seperate animal house and seperate fish tank.

These advanced lab equipments used in Bioinstrumentation lab

  • Colling  Centrifuge.
  • C-24Super Spin.
  • ELISA Reader
  • Chromatographic chamber
  • Nicon microscope Trinocular inverted
  • lyophilizer
  • UV  spectrophotometer
  • TLC Equipment
  • Digital PH meter
  • CO2 Incubator
  • Vertical gel electrophoresis
  • Freeze dryer Alpha  1-2 LD
  • Gel documentation system
  • Magnetic  stirrer