Board of Studies Members

At SKC, Each Department has its own Board of Studies which consists of:

  • Head of the department concerned (Chairman)
  • The entire faculty of each specialisation.
  • Two experts in the subject concerned from other prestigious institutions to be nominated by the Academic Council.
  • One expert to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor of Affiliating University.
  • One representative from industry/corporate sector/allied area relating for the placement
  • One postgraduate meritorious alumnus.
  • Experts from outside the college.
  • Staff of the same department.

Roles of the Board of Studies of each department in the college are:

  • Design syllabi for various courses keeping in view the objectives of Institution, interest of the stakeholders and national requirement for consideration and approval of the Academic Council.
  • Suggest methodologies for innovative teaching and evaluation techniques.
  • Suggest panel of names to the Academic Council for appointment of examiners for undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Coordinate research, teaching, extension and other academic activities in the Department
  • To consider the criteria of general academic interests of all the Departments and their functioning.

1.  Tamil
2.  English
3.  Mathematics
4.  Physics
5.  Chemistry
6.  Commerce
7.  Commerce(CA)
8.  Botany
9.  Biotechnology
10. Computer Science
11. Computer Applications
12. Information Technology
13. Hotel Management and Catering Science
14. Management Studies 
15. PG Commerce 
16. Library