Botany Lab

The laboratory component of General Botany provides you the opportunity to view interrelationships between and among structures, to handle live or preserved material, to become familiar with the many terms we use throughout the course, and to learn how to use a microscope properly. Each of you will have your own microscope every week, no exceptions. This laboratory is fundamental, yet integral to your understanding of General Botany. The images in your manual are intended to serve as a guide while you view permanent or prepared slides.These must be viewed by each of you independently.At no time will questions be answered re where is a particular structure, etc., unless the slide is on the stage of your microscope and in focus.The content of the laboratory is rich, as is the terminology. You must come to lab prepared. You must come to lab knowing what the various terms you are about to deal with mean. There is no such thing as finishing early that simply isn’t possible.