Bridge Course

Students admitted into Sri Kaliswari College are from diverse backgrounds-students with excellent academic credentials as well as first generation learners. So, the college takes efforts to assess students’ different learning levels and organises special programmes for Advanced Learners and Slow Learners.

Ten day Bridge Course Programme

For Freshers, 10 days Bridge Course Programme is organized

  • To bridge the gap between School method of study and that required at Higher Education level.
  • To deal with students’ lack of competence in English.

First, an Entry Level Test is conducted with simple tasks testing comprehension capacity and knowledge of basic English grammar. Entry Level test performance is documented to assess Entry level behaviour of students.

Based on this Entry level behaviour, Bridge Course syllabus is designed by English Department (simple tasks related to Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills) and also by other Departments (simple tasks related to the basic concepts of respective subjects). After 10 days classes, an Exit Level Test is conducted.

Entry Level and Exit Level Tests furnish the faculty with a general picture of different learning levels of students that serves as baseline document to identify Advanced Learners and Slow Learners.

Year Wise Number of Beneficiaries for the Past Five Years

Year Number of Beneficiaries
2013 – 2014 995
2014 – 2015 1067
2015 – 2016 983
2016 – 2017 1142
2017 – 2018 1150

Bridge Course Incharge :

 Department of English

Bridge Courses (Scrutiny of Attendance and Mark Registers)

Mrs.M.Kaleeswari, Asst. Professor, Dept. Of  Mathematics