Code of Conduct - Examination

Code of conduct for Students

The students shall strictly adhere to the following rules of conduct during an examination and uphold the decorum and credibility of the examination. 

  • Students are expected to be in their seats before the second bell.During the distribution of question papers no one should enter the hall or room.No one can enter the hall 30 minutes after the commencement of the examination.No one can receive a question paper before taking his assigned seat in hall.
  • Candidates will be allowed to leave the examination hall only after 2 hours.
  • Candidates for all the examinations shall write their answers on both sides of the sheets of the book supplied.
  • Every one should bring his own pen, pencil, rubber, mathematical instruments and calculators ( if necessary)
  • No paper other than the question paper and hall ticket should be taken out of the examination hall.
  • Register number, course name, class and subject of the paper should be clearly indicated on the answer paper.
  • When additional paper is needed, candidates shall stand in their places and thus call attention.Making sound for this paper is strictly forbidden.
  • Any materials like storing devices, manuscripts, part of book etc found with the student then he will be charged as copying and doing malpractice.
  • All forms of copying, both from the material carried inside by the student and from co-examinees are considered as including in malpractice.
  • Providing aid to a co examinee in any form to copy during an examination is considered as indulging in malpractice.
  • The Chief superintendent of examination and invigilators shall strictly enforce the above rules of conduct.Charges of malpractice shall be duly recorded and the written charge shall be signed by the concerned; invigilators(s) and duly forwarded to the COE through the superintendent.The decision of the enforcement of the above rules of conduct as he/she is to ensure the orderly conduct of the examination.
  • A flying Squad comprising of 4 or 5 staff members will be formed and they visit the exam halls then and there.
  • Cell phones are strictly prohibited inside the exam hall and if any student is found with cell phone it will be ceased and deposited in the college office and will be returned only after the completion of the course

Code of Conduct For Faculty Members

  • They must receive the Question Papers from the Controller’s office by 9.30a.m.
  • They must be inside the exam halls by 9.45 a.m. at the stroke of the first bell.
  • As the students are entering the hall they must verify their pouches and allow them to take only pen, pencil, scale, rubber and calculator and also verify their Identity Card.
  • They have to verify the register number in the hall ticket.
  • They must allow the students to sit according to the register number in the hall ticket in the exam hall.
  • They must distribute the main sheet according to the serial number.
  • At the stroke of the second bell they must distribute the question paper.
  • They must verify the register number, Subject Code, Subject Name, Date in the Front page of the main Answer Sheet.
  • They must go around for all the three hours and distribute the answer sheets to the students in time.
  • They should not take cell Phone, study material or writing material inside the hall.
  • They must verify the absentees number after half an hour and handover them to the office attender who is collecting them.
  • The Student’s signature must be obtained separately with the main sheet number and name.
  • As soon as the examinations are over, they must collect the answer sheets according to the serial number and handover them properly to the Controller’s office.