Computer Lab

Computer lab

  • The centralized computer laboratories have 590 computers .
  • A seperate internet centre is dedicated to the teaching staff for internet surfing.
  • Wifi is introduced in the whole campus of the college for the stakeholders benefit.

  • There are 11 Dot matrix,2 Scanner and 22 Laser printer available to students usage.
  • Most of the computer has corei3 Gen pro,4 GB RAM,1 TB HDD and 18 inch monitor.

Lab Rules

1)Lab users must sign in and out of the lab
2)NO FOOD, DRINK,is allowed in the lab
3)Keep silence and do not roam inside the lab
4)Lab users should maintain professional and courteous communication. Electronic devices should be used on a professional level. No obnoxious or belligerent behavior will be tolerated
5)Please operate the equipment with respect and care
6)For laser printout use light variation colors
7)For Dot-matrix printout use Times New Roman Font with size(12)
8)Pen drives are not aollowed inside the lab
9)Shudtdown the sytem properly and switch it off
10)For any hardware, software, printer, paper, or ink problems, please contact a aide
11)Remove the footwear while entering the lab