Eco & Exnora Club


Eco Club
  • To create awareness of biodiversity conservation and local environmental issues among students.
  • Distributions of saplings at free of cost to the public place, like school, college, cinemas rail and bus station, market etc.
  • To promote eco-friendly products and services through environmental activities like green events, exhibitions, conference, slide shows, seminar etc.
Exnora Club
  • To create an awareness about the dangerous and polluted environment.
  • To bring out clean environment in and around the schools and colleges.
  • To conduct programme on Personality Development, self confidence and motivation to the students.

  • The Government and international agencies are publicly recognizing the fundamental importance of issues such as global warming, over population, deforestation, desertification and biodiversity.
  • The goal of saving the environment is a high priority for most, but people lack a practical understanding of what they can do on a personal level.
  • This Club was initiated to make students aware of the Ecological and Environmental status of the local area and the College campus.
  • Most of our students are from rural or semi rural backgrounds. They have a firsthand knowledge of the ecosystems in place.
  • Their energies are channeled to spread the rapid degeneration and degradation of these ecosystems and help restore nature in the places.

Cell Incharge

Dr.G.Manikandan Assistant Professor, Department of Botany