Entrepreneurship Development Cell


  • To create an entrepreneurship eco-system in the college, where students would learn the technicalities of entrepreneurship and become job providers instead of job seekers.
  • To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Guest Lectures for promotion and growth of entrepreneurship.
  • To conduct skill development training programmes leading to self/wage employment.
  • Conduct various seminars and workshops in the related fields of interest and need.

  • An Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC – CET) is functioning in the college with the intention of nurturing entrepreneurship skills of the students.
  • Entrepreneurship is the process which involves all the functions, activities, and actions associated with perceiving opportunities and creating organizations to pursue them.
  • This will open gates for creation of new knowledge-based innovative hi-tech venture, industries and new breed of technopreneurs and more avenues of employment opportunities thus turning job seekers into job creators and in the process, leading the nation towards industrial excellence and self-reliance.
  • The cell provides a platform for the students to pursue entrepreneurial activities and also provide assistance to potential entrepreneurs.
  • With active involvement of students the cell promotes and revitalizes the entrepreneurial culture in the college.
  • The EDC redefines the role of the youth to make them more independent. The youngsters are thus shaken out of their complacent mood regarding their employment opportunities.

Cell Incharge

Mr. S. Ajithkumar Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies