Ethical Committee

Institutional Animal Ethical Committee-IAEC

  • The Institutional Animal Ethical Committee (Department of Biotechnology) of Sri Kaliswari College is registered in CPCSEA (1086/ac/07/CPCSEA   dtd   27.10.2007) and gets approval to rear animals in animal house.


  • The committee will regulate the welfare of animals in laboratory
  • Committee approve the usage of animals based on
    • Need of animals to carry out work
    • Welfare of society
  • Provide plan to minimize animal model

Cell Incharge

Dr. M.Sujatha    – Head, Dept. of Biotechnology

  • Well established Animal house was constructed which has the Mice and Rabbit We use the animals for the purpose for the students of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry for their regular practical classes and project work.
  • Institutional animal ethical committee meeting was held every year and as per the committee animals were used for the laboratory and practical purposes.