Fine Arts Association


  • To develop Extra - Curricular skills among students.
  • To boost-up the Cultural activity skills.
  • To empower thinking, innovation, creativity ability.


  • By conducting various competitions to develop students skills & Creativity.
  • Skills related competitions: Turn a Coat

Solo Singing


Fireless Cooking

Pencil Drawing

Face Painting

  • Creativity related competitions:                Rangoli

Hair Do

Nail art

Art from Waste

  • Student’s talents are identified & appreciated with prizes.
  • Identified  students  are motivated to participate in National Level, State Level Intercollegiate Competitions.


Mrs.L.Priya                           - Head, Dept.of.Computer Science

Mrs.M.Saranya                    - Asst.Prof., Dept. of Computer Science

Mrs.A.Karmehala                - Asst.Prof., Dept. of Computer Science

Mr.V.Pasupathy                  - Asst.Prof., Dept. of BCA

Mr.S.Venkatesh                  -  Asst.Prof., Dept. of Computer Science

Ms.D.Jemimah Sweetlin   - Asst.Prof., Dept. of Computer Science

Mrs.M.Shanmuga Eswari - Asst.Prof., Dept. of Computer Science

Ms.M.Revatheeswari        - Asst.Prof., Dept. of Computer Science

Mr.R.Prabakaran                - Asst.Prof., Dept. of BCA

Ms.J.Maria Jeya Priya        - Asst.Prof., Dept. of Maths

Ms.S.Graceline                    - Asst.Prof., Dept. of Computer Science


ACADEMIC YEAR – 2017-2018 (ODD)

S. No Date Activity Judge No.of Participants
09.08.2017 Rangoli 1.Mrs.Dr. S. Parijatham
2.Mrs.Sri Ranjani Hirudayanathan
22.08.2017 Facial Painting 1. Mrs. M. Murugalakshmi
2. Mr. G. Lingaperumal
24.08.2017 Solo Singing 1. Mr. A. Balaji 38
29.08.2017 Turn a Coat 1. Mr. R. Krishnan 36
08.09.2017 Hair Do 1. Mrs. M. Nageswari
2. Mrs. S. P. Ruba Rani
12.09.2017 Nail art 1. Dr. N. Nalayini
2. Dr. S. Saraswathy