Health Club

The college firmly believes in the maxim- “Sound mind in the Sound body”. The health club of the college regularly arranges the health awareness programmes for the students on Healthy Food habits and Personal and Communal hygiene.


  • To create awareness among the students about health.
  • To enrich the students about useful impacts of yoga.
  • Develop a sufficient background for those students who wish to study the world of microbes and its benefits and pathology.
  • Motivate the students familiar with microbial flora of the human body.
  • Study the classification, structure, function of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses notably.
  • Impart knowledge to the students on microbial associated diseases.
  • Explore the mechanisms of spreading of diseases and its prevention methods.
  • Explain the concept of host-pathogen interactions.
  • Have a basic knowledge on vaccination- live and heat killed vaccines.
  • Improve the acquaintance on poor and good sanitation, contaminated foods, hygienic methods and preventive measures.


  • Promotes knowledge on Mutualistic, Commensalistic and Opportunistic relationship of bacteria and humans.
  • It clarifies the misconceptions, concept and doubts about the knowledge on microbial world and its importance.
  • Motivates the students to do yoga and brings health consciousness and provides opportunity to take it as career.
  • Creates awareness of skin, food-borne, air-borne, water-borne, sexually transmitted diseases such as cholera, tuberculosis (TB), AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis caused by different microorganisms.
  • Endow with information on first line treatment methods to arrest the spreading of infection and curing of diseases.
  • It helps the students in knowing good and poor sanitation, habits and safety measures.
  • The overall knowledge obtained will be spread to circle of family, friends and to generation after generation.

Cell Incharge

Dr. A. Sarvalingam Assistant Professor, Department of Botany