Humour Club


  • De-stress students from their daily routine.
  • Enhance productivity and proficiency of our students.
  • To make people know their hidden memory & multiple talents and guide them to apply those skills.
  • To encourage them to think “out of the box” and solve many of their problem.

  • Students do not find time to realize their own special qualities like humour so,to make them realize,a Humour Clib was started.
  • The main objective behind starting the club was that they wanted to bring out harmony in student through humour club used to reduce tension and pressure for student
  • Laughing actually stimulates the brain, both left and right sides, to help the laughter retain more information. This makes humour the ideal study aid
  • It makes them smile and also enlighten their knowledge and abilities which allow them to consistently earn recognition for their sharp memory and efficiency
  • Humour can change one's mood instantly. It is very hard to be angry when something strikes us as funny, as many parents have discovered while trying to discipline a wayward child while trying to muffle their laughter at his actions

 Cell Incharge

 Mr.C.Senthilnathan Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil