Legal Awareness League


  • To enable the students to acquire knowledge regarding basic laws
  • To make students to understand fundamental rights and freedoms
  • To create familiarity with the Indian constitution

  • It has been generally believed among different sections and groups of the society that legal education is only for the law students, lawyers etc.
  • But Legal Awareness League teaches the students the important role of basic legal education in their daily life. It is very necessary for every person to have certain knowledge of Law, otherwise it would become very difficult for him to tackle several problems, from consumer protection to fundamental rights.
  • In schools, colleges, public meeting places, while travelling in public transport vehicles and in cinema halls women, especially young girls face several abuses from men community. They are not aware of the legal points which can punish the culprits.
  • The intention is to make them aware of various government schemes and laws of which they can avail benefits.

Cell Incharges

Mr. T. MalainambirajanAssistant Professor, Department of Commerce
Mr. T. Manoj Kumar
Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce (CA)