Major/Minor Research Projects

There are two types of research projects on the basis of the scope, duration of the study and budget

(a)Major Project-Duration up to 24 monts with a budget of Rs.5-15 lakh.

(b)Minor Project-Duration up to 12 monts with a bugdet upto 5 lakh.
On completion of the study,the scholar should submit the following
(a)For Major project,a Book-length final Report in a publishable form along with an Executable Summary of the report(3000-4000 words).
(b)For Minor project,a Final Report (about 100 page) along with a brief summary.
(c)Both documents should be submitted in hard format(two copies of final report and ten copies of summary and a soft copy(in pen drive)). 
(d)Copies of research papers on the theme of research,published in reputed research journals during the period of study.

List of  Minor/Major Project Details  from the year 2013-2017...