• To create an academically stimulating atmosphere; evolving into a well integrated  system  that  synergies  the  efforts  of  its  competent  faculty towards  imparting  intellectual  confidence  that  aids  comprehension  and complements the spirit of inquiry
  • To impart quality education for the up- liftment of rural students and gear up their maximum potential and engage them in the nation building process.


  • To  contribute  to  the  development  of  science  and  technology  by synthesizing teaching, research and creative activities.
  • To develop human  potential  to  its  fullest  extent  and  make  them emerge  as  world  class  leaders  in  their  professions  and  enthuse them towards their social responsibilities.

Courses Offered

Course Name  Year of Establishment 2002-2003
M.Sc. (Mathematics) 2005-2006
M.Phil(Maths) 2015-2016