Maths Lab

Mathematics Lab(429 sq. ft)

To promote Teaching, Learning process through Problem Solving method (Student Centric learning methodology), we have mathematical models prepared by our own students in our Mathematics laboratory which is 429 sq. feet in area.

Models in our Lab

             Konigsberg bridge problem, Finding Hamiltonian path in Dodecahedron, Finding minimum number of post offices required using domination in graphs, Finding shortest path, Three jug problem, Chess board problem, Five regular polyhedron and other solids, Suspension bridge, Three house problems, Four color problem, Sierpinski triangle, Perpetual calendar, Roman numerals. Astronomy model, Mirror reflection, Property of ellipse, Kaleidoscope, Periscope, Mathematical formula, Clinometers, Pyramid, Optical illusion and Ramanujan News, Collection of Mathematician photos and many mathematical games, puzzles etc.