Peace Committee


  • To enhance the youth ambassadors capacity to take action at a local level in environments affected by previous or ongoing conflicts.
  • To advance youth policy’s role in peace-building and conflict transformation.
  • To promote the presence and the role of young people as positive actors of change in peace-building processes.
  • To support and give visibility to at least 50 local youth-led projects for peace-building in conflict-affected areas and communities.

  • All over the world violence and hatred still dominated the human beings. In spite of many efforts through traditional religions and human right, the doctrine of inequality of man and races is nevertheless preached and practiced.
  • Peace Committee has been established to foster an atmosphere conducive to peaceful co-existence among the students, to facilitate the use of non-violence as a means of conflict resolution, and to encourage respectful intellectual discourse on social, political and ethical issues.
  • The main principle behind this Committee is to promote interaction between young people from a variety of backgrounds to bridge the gaps for future and to help build a peaceful society.
  • It’s a framework that promotes learning about peace and gaining skills to deal with conflict; and then putting those elements together to find ways to take action to make the world a better place.

Cell Incharge

Dr.P.K.Balamurugan Vice-Principal & Head, Dept. of Management Studies
Ms.R.Muthulakshmi Vice Principal & Head, Dept. of Computer Applications