Physically Challenged students Care wing


  • Differently abled emphasizes the fact that many people with disabilities are quite capable of accomplishing a particular task or performing a particular function, only in a manner that is different from or takes more time than that of people without the disability.
  • Differently abled students care wing gives awareness among other students about differently abled persons and also to provide necessary guidance and counselling to differently-abled persons.
  • It ensures differently abled lead an inclusive life, has stolen the attention from the real difficulties they face from the physical barriers. This is significant from the representations they have time and again made demanding a barrier-free environment.
  • The main aim of observing this wing is to encourage the differently abled persons to showcase their skills and abilities in various fields of Arts and Sports.

Cell Incharges:

Ms. P.Murugeswari Assistant Professor,  Department of English
Ms.J.Anitha   Assistant Professor,  Department of English