Science Communication Club


  • To understand the characteristics, importance, use and misuse of science.
  • To understand the methods of science and its application in social problems.
  • To develop scientific awareness and scientific temper.
  • To understand the necessities of science communication to the society.
  • To develop skill among the members of science communication.

  • The growth of scientific awareness among humans is a mere necessity for the development of society. It can be generated through science communication.
  • Science communication is a specialized skill to make people acquainted with the methodology of science in different ways.
  • Science Communication Club gives opportunities to experience a wider range of science topics, hence broadening their enthusiasm for science.
  • A science club is an out-of- class-hours club that offers students the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom.
  • It is expected that their study-based knowledge is enriched by innovative work that includes the latest developments.

Cell Incharge

Mrs. R.VijayalakshmiAssistant Professor, Department of Chemistry