Skill Enhancement Courses


  • To enhance the quality of the life of teenage girls through enhancement of their skills and knowledge.
  • To help them earn more income.
  • To help them become economically self – sufficient and independent.
  • To help the student to have good health.
  • To impart necessary knowledge and skill to the trainers in the trade so that they become employable.

  • Skill Enhancement Courses has been entrusted the responsibility to train youth.
  • The program has been designed to bridge the skill gap that exists, considering the needs of the industry and the supply by academia.
  • Knowledge and skills evolve rapidly. To cope with the rapid change, students are trained in specific areas that will help them to develop new knowledge, attitude and skills, both personally and professionally.
  • The training through these courses help the students to develop skills that will help them connects with industry before they step into employment.
  • It has been composed not only to enhance the career prospects of the job aspirant but also to trigger personal transformation and holistic development, which is fundamental to achieving greatness in one’s chosen field.
  • Studying takes you on a path towards acquiring hard skills – the specific technical skills you need to do your job effectively. In most jobs, technical skills alone are not enough to be truly effective. So, we train our students in the skills such as listening, collaborating with others, presenting ideas and communicating with team members.
We collaborate with the following Agencies to train our students.
Dr.B.Akilan, Professor and Head, Department of Inland Fisheries, Fisheries College, 
Dr.T.K.Karuppanapandian, Senior Researcher, Kiel University, Germany.
Dr. R. Vimalan, Assistant Professor, Umarupulavar Tamil MozhiMaiyyam, Singapore
Dr.C.Murugan, Joint director, Botanical Survey of India.Southern regional center, Coimbatore. 
Mr. V. Kumar, Assistant Director, Tamil ValarchiThurai, Virudhunagar
MR. M.A.P.R. Krishnamoorthy, Industrialist, Virudhunagar.
Mr. K. C. Gurusamy, Industrialist, Virudhunagar.
Mr. K. Aravindan, Advocate, Judicial Magistrate Court. Satur. 
Ms.T.Shenbagadevi,  Clerk, Axis Bank, Sattur.   (Alumni 2012-15 Batch)
Ms.K.Athista, Assistant Professor, Sr Grade in English, MepcoSchlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi. 
Dr.Senthilselvi, Psychotherapist life counselling, Madurai.
Thiru.V. Kannan, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sivakasi
Dr.NarmadhaParthasarathi, Narmadha Hospital, Sivakasi
Dr.A.B.Chitra, Chitra Maternity Hospital, Rajapalayam
Mr. Kishore Srinivasan, Senior Manager, RIPE Academy Center, Chennai
Mr.M.Suresh Kumar, Team Leader & Consultant, IBM,Chennai

Number of Beneficiaries for the Past Five Years are
Year Number of Beneficiaries
2013 – 2014 394
2014 – 2015 1193
2015 – 2016 1032
2016 – 2017 1120
2017 – 2018 6320

Cell Incharges

Ms.M.S.Brindha Assistant Professor, Department of English
Dr.P.Valli Deivanai    Assistant Professor, Department of English