Student Research Project

Generally, a student research involving human subjects falls into one of two categories:                    


          (a) research practica, the goal of which is to provide research training; and

          (b) directed or independent research projects which employ systematic data collection with the intent to contribute to generalizable knowledge.

Student research practica do not require Board review, unless the instructor chooses to invite Board review. Students engaged in the process of learning research techniques understandably want to focus on compelling or real-life issues. Thus, student research practica often focus on issues that raise concerns for the well-being of the subjects and for the students themselves. Projects that involve the collection of data about illegal activities,which could cause emotional distress, and those which would place the students at risk if confidentiality were breached need to be constructed with special care. Although research practica are not under the purview of the Board, its members are available for consultation with students and instructors. However, faculty members who engage in instructional activities are expected to protect all human subject(s) in accordance with their discipline's Codes of Conduct and Ethics (Ethics section for a list of some of those disciplinary codes). It is the responsibility of the faculty member to include research ethics and principles of responsible research when teaching research techniques.


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