Tutorial System


  • To enhance student’s academic attainment and developed social and relationship skills through value based topics.
  • To facilitate the integration of students in sharing their problems to the tutors.
  • To provide guidance and mentor wards helping them to get through their problems of any kind at a very early stage.
  • To oversee the academic progress of the students.
  • To guide the students in setting long term career goals and short term learning objectives.

  • One of the most effective systems functioning in the institution that bridges the gap between the student and teaching community is the tutorial system.
  • Each faculty member is assigned a group of students as their wards.Faculty member has the additional voluntary responsibility of moulding and guiding their wards in all academic & personal fronts.
  • Sharing of their own problems with their mentor serve a sigh of healthy relief to the students, thus enabling them peacefully concentrate on their studies.
  • Tutors are able to monitor students’ progress closely and help them with any problems with their work at a very early stage.
  • The tutor is ideally placed to coordinate, on behalf of the parents, the efforts of all who are contributing to the education of their children.
  • Tutorial secretaries provide Tutors and students with administrative support and are always ready to give advice on a range of matters.

Cell Incharge

Miss K.Muthulakshmi      Assistant Professor, Department of English