Vision and Mission


To impart quality higher education to produce highly talented youth capable of developing the nation


  • Ensuring quality in all aspects of the activities
  • Developing the latent skills of the rural youth
  • Providing value - based education to instill courage and confidence
  • Nurturing the entrepreneurial skills of the rural youth
  • Creating competency to meet global challenges
  • Imbibing social awareness and social responsibilities

College Crest

College Crest consists of a Central Circle with a Cock followed by another circle

with five segments, consisting of Light, Open Book, Laboratory, Computer and Dishnet with Cup

1 Cock - Signifies the emblem of  Sri Kaliswari  Trust
2 Light - Signifies illuminating the minds of individuals in all aspects
3 Open Book - Signifies imparting knowledge
4 Laboratory - With Rat, Mushroom, DNA Molecule Structure and Heating Flask on a Stand – Signifies the Components of Biotechnology Laboratory
5 Computer           - Signifies the hardware employed in transfer of Information in a modern way
6 Dishnet with Cup -

Dishnet  signifies the modern development of internet and the cup symbolizes man’s triumphs in all his endeavors

College Motto

உழைப்பே உயர்வு / Toil & Triumph

Those who aspire to reach new heights in any walk of life must put in hard work in the right direction

College Flag

Our College tricolour flag is designed using Green, White and Yellow colours. Green symbolizes nature, new growth and prosperity. White colour represents purity and knowledge. It lightens the path of truth. Yellow stands for auspiciousness, happiness and energy. These colours contribute to the harmonious and integral development of the students community.

College Anthem

Organizational Structure-Organogram