Yoga and Meditation Club


  • Understanding the importance of maintaining good health both physically and Mentally.
  • To Teach the methods of warding of unnecessary stress and improving their concentration.
  • To promote an eco-friendly environment through inclusive Growth.

  • Yoga and meditation programs are becoming increasingly important as students today face an overwhelming amount of pressure and stress in their lives. And that takes a toll on mental health.
  • The club is open to all students, staff and faculty to help manage stress.
  • They teach some of the skills and dispositions that are central to human ecology: self-reflection, intentionality, flexibility, and strength.
  • Students have an opportunity to free their minds and bodies from the onslaught of heavy homework and stressful deadlines by practicing yoga on campus.
  • Studies have confirmed that yoga can help moderate stress and anxiety, improving mood and overall wellbeing.
  • Students develop better time management and they also tend to retain their studies better.
  • Overall, there’s more peacefulness in their lives.

Number of Beneficiaries for the Past Five Years

Year Number of Beneficiaries
2013 – 2014 169
2014 – 2015 210
2015 – 2016 243
2016 – 2017 413
2017 – 2018 142

Cell Incharge

      Department of Physical Education