Youth Club


  • To create interest among the students about cultural activities.
  • To develop all round personality, leadership qualities, national integration, and patriotism among students.
  • To maintain physical and mental fitness of the students through cultural activities, Rangoli, Mehandi and Debate.
  • To motivate the students for the participation in awareness activities like plantation.
  • Extracurricular activities increase opportunities for social interaction and new relationship development of students.
  • It increases the student’s level of confidence and also teaches them how to co-operate and work with people in different conditions.
  • While pursuing these activities in college along with education, students learn prioritization and time management skills.

  • The purpose of bringing the youths together and forming them into clubs is to provide them with an opportunity and the platform to excel in various fields.
  • Youth club of the College is enabling the youth to utilize their time, skills and energies.
  • It encourages the extra co-curricular activities that enrich the cultural, physical and social life of the students.
  • The objective of the Youth Club is to provide a platform for the youth to collectively work towards themselves and society. For accomplishing this aim the club is organizing different activities from time to time.

Cell Incharges

Mrs. K.P.Swapna      Assistant Professor, Department of English